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Computer Reagent Feeder

Product name

Computer Reagent Feeder


The DNM-200 automatic reagent feeder developed by our company combines advantages of similar products at home and abroad, adopts modern high technology and better solves some defects existing in original similar products. 1. The control system adopts the imported integrated circuit microcomputer control, and an operator just operates according to related parameters inputted by the keyboard; 2. A display system is added, namely CRT (fluorescent screen) display; 3. The printing system can be timed, the free printing is realized, and the contents can be freely set; and 4. the executing system uses a special and “T-joint” like valve, a charge pipe and a discharge pipe are directly connected, the pipe diameter is large, the valve is freely opened and isn’t blocked even if the amount of reagent is as large as that of ore pulp, so that the executing system can be used for a long time without faults, and at the same time, due to the installation of a reagent constant level tank, the feeding accuracy is improved.

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