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Gold ore flotation process

Product name

Gold ore flotation process

Technical process introduction
Flotation is one of the most widely used methods for processing rock gold ore. The flotation process can be used for sulfide gold minerals which is easily floated, tailings can be directly abandoned, and the cost of ore dressing is very low. The flotation process mainly includes dosing, agitation, aeration and scraping foam.
Technical process
Flotation process flow is one of the important factors that affect mineral flotation. The reasonable selection of flotation process mainly depends on the nature of ore. At the same time, factors such as easily operation, low operating cost and maximum recovery of useful minerals should be considered.
For the flotation of gold ore containing single gold minerals with uniform granular size and relatively coarse particle size, a stage of grinding and flotation process is usually adopted. For gold deposits with uneven distribution of coarse and fine particles, mercury plates are usually placed in the grinding and classifying circuit before flotation or use gravity separation equipment for pre-recovery.
Technical image diagram
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