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Wilton gold mine in Indonesia


Wilton gold mine in Indonesia

P.T Wilton Wahana Indonesia Co., Ltd is a subsidiary of Wilton Resources Corporation Ltd., listed on Catalist, Singapore exchange. The gold mine project of Wilton Indonesia is designed to produce 500 t/d for the first stage and 1,500 t/d for the second stage.
Because of the high arsenic content, it is difficult to select ore.Local environmental monitoring management is strict, the sewage discharge standards are very high.Wilton has found a number of suppliers at home and abroad to provide samples for experiments.After repeated technical exchanges and program demonstration, finally choose our company.
Flotation + cyanidation process designed by our company: leaching adopts three-stage preleaching and five-stage adsorption process. The gold loaded carbon in the carbon storage tank is washed and then entered into the desorption column for high-temperature and high-pressure cyanide-free desorption. The gold mud is removed by pickling, chlorinated leaching, filtering, smelting and casting, and finally the finished gold is obtained.
The wastewater treatment process adopts the most advanced ozone oxidation method, which can meet the national comprehensive sewage discharge standards. No other harmful materials are added to the waste liquid, and there is no secondary pollution.
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