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Kuangding dressing plant.


Kuangding dressing plant.

Kangding 500ton/day CIL plant, carry out the EPC general contract by our company. The ore in this mining area has high oxidation degree, high mud content, low silver and arsenic content. The gold in the ore is fine size, adopting whole slime no-cyanide leaching and carbon absorption scheme.
With the principle of "more crushing and less grinding, energy saving and energy consumption reduction", considering the factors of difficult crushing and grinding of ore, the crushing adopts two-stage and closed-circuit crushing process; The grinding process adopts two continuous closed-circuit grinding process, and the final product pulp is dewatered and concentrated to the concentration of 40% by thickener, and the leaching recovery rate is 92.8% by leaching and absorbing in the same time. The leaching tailings are pumped to the filter pressing plant, and then discharged into the tailings pond (the water content of filter cake is less than 20%). The tailings are transported to the tailings pond by truck for storage. Filtrate is returned to the processing plant for recycling, realizing zero waste water discharge.
The design of gold loaded carbon adopts high temperature cyanide-free desorption and same temperature electrowinning process, and the desorption agent is cyanide-free combination desorption agent and sodium hydroxide mixture.
When the desorption cycle is over, open the air valve of the electrowinning tank to cool down, and open the electrowinning tank to take out the gold mud when it reaches common temperature. After the cathode steel is cleaned and return it to the next use, the gold mud is sent to the smelting room.
The desorption electrowinning gold mud is firstly pre-dipped to remove impurities, and then the gold sand is filtered and rinsed. After rinsing, the gold sand is dried, smelted and cast to get the gold ingot.
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