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ShanDong ShengLi 6000t/d spodumene plant


ShanDong ShengLi 6000t/d spodumene plant

The largest spodumene mine in Asia built by Jinyuan
—6000t/d spodumene beneficiation engineering in Shandong
The 6000t/d spodumene beneficiation project undertaken by our company is the largest spodumene beneficiation plant in Asia.The processing technology is complicated and difficult, including heavy medium processing, gravity separation with spiral chute and shaker, flotation, magnetic separation and other combined processing technology.Such a large scale and complex process of spodumene mineral processing project, there is no domestic production practice can be used for reference.
Our design department immediately carried out technical investigation and design scheme research.During this period, the flotation and gravity separation tests were carried out for more than ten days. According to the results, the technological process was developed and each link was verified several times.Through full on-site communication, we finally created our own process for the customer.
The project started construction in March 2017. After more than three months of construction and installation, the solo test run was conducted on September 5. In October 27 ~30, the full line empty load linkage and water test run were completed, on October 31 test run with load was finished.In December 2017, the project's production capacity, concentrate grade and quantity all reached the design targets, and the plant's production and operation were stable.
This project is another example project set up by our company. The construction time, production scale, production efficiency and other aspects of the project created a precedent.The large-scale production technology of heavy medium and flotation have filled the blank in the field of spodumene in China.
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