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Ф3.6m Ball Mill


Ф3.6m Ball Mill

The main bearing is a double-row cylindrical roller bearing, the bearing capacity is high, the rated dynamic load is 23320KN and the rated static load is 69220KN; and the frictional coefficient is low, the running resistance is low, and the energy-saving effect is quite obvious, nearly 5 to 8%.
The rolling bearing is lubricated by lubricating grease, so that it can realize short-time running at a higher temperature, the tile burning problem is avoided, the operational maintenance is easy, and no maintenance cost is needed.
The main bearing is sealed in a non-contact maze mode, so that the reliability of blocking ore pulp or dust is improved, and because maze sealing members feature non-contact, no abrasion and simple design, the few active components are needed, and there is no maintenance cost.
The main bearing has a temperature detector which can automatically alarm when the set temperature exceeds.
The lubricating equipment with a controller is used for lubrication, and the automatic lubrication and monitoring of equipment is realized by the lubricating equipment and the automatic oil supply of a program controller.

WDP-PX Automatic Control Lubricating Grease Pump
Technical Performance of ¢3.6m Rolling Bearing Energy-saving Ball Mill
Performance Parameter
GMG3640 GMG3645 GMG3654 GMG3660 Remark
Name Unit
Cylinder Diameter mm 3600 3600 3600 3600  
Cylinder Length mm 4000 4500 5400 6000  
Cylinder Rotary Speed r.p.m 17.5 17.3 17.3 17.3  
Effective Volume 38 42 48 52  
Max. Ball Loading Capacity t 80 87 100 109  
Feed Granularity mm ≦25 ≦25 ≦25 ≦25  
Productive Capacity t/h 100-120 110-140  
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