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About us

Corporate style

  Our company can satisfy customers by virtue of reliable quality, favorable price and excellent service, for our company has solid strength and the unparalleled features.

  Solid Technical Strength
  Our company adheres to the development strategy of people orientation, and attracts a lot of technicians with rich design and production experience from scientific research institutes and mine enterprises. According to the equipment service condition, our company has developed many efficient, energy-saving and eco-friendly high-tech products and obtained national patents. Our products have achieved good results in the production and application of many mines. Talent has become strong motive power for enterprise development and provides strong assurance for excellent service.
  Rich Production Experience
  Our company owns a professional staff team. All staff owns dozens of years of mine equipment production experience. Our company is familiar with equipment production, installation and service condition. There are more than 300 kinds of equipment. The products include laboratory equipment and mine equipment. The completed projects include gold, non-ferrous metal, ferrous metal and nonmetal mines from 5t/d pilot plants to 7000t/d mines. Through many years of accumulation, our company has rich experience. Our company can develop different products, and meets customer demands with short production cycle and reliable technical performance.
  Advanced Management System
  “Survival by Quality, Development by Innovation” is our quality policy. Our company builds product files, and tracks the delivered equipment. The persons in charge will be responsible for the quality problems, thereby promoting the quality awareness of staff. Our company improves equipment timely to promote product performance according to the service condition. All is for improvement of product quality and customer satisfaction. The strict management ensures product quality, reduces cost and brings benefits to customers to the greatest extent possible.
  Our Company Can Undertake Large Projects
  Our company has stable user groups by virtue of high product quality, considerate after-sales service and sincere cooperative attitude. Our company is entrusted to take charge of all new mines, transformation and equipment spare parts of Shandong Penglai Heilan’gou Gold Mine, Daliuxing Gold Mine, Jilin Donggou Gold Mine, Baotou Shibao Iron Mine, Fujian Xiaoban Gold Mine, Western Mining, Fujian Tianbao Mining Group, etc.
  The practice has proved that our company is able to undertake large projects with high difficulty and finish with satisfactory achievements. In May 2000, Russian Chukete Mining Co., Ltd. wanted to purchase preparation equipments. Ф9.5*10 leaching tanks are seldom applied to the domestic mines. China National Gold Group Corporation decides to entrust our company to undertake the project through the investigation of the domestic and foreign experts. Now the equipment has been put into production in the foreign country with stable operation and reliable quality and wins customer satisfaction. In March 2002, preparation equipments were ordered again.
  Wish you can be satisfied by our sincere service.