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Yantai Zhongjia Mining Co., Ltd.
14000t/d gold ore dressing plant project
Yantai zhongjia mining co., ltd. Is a joint-stock company of Yantai dahedong gold mine and Margias mining corporation(stock code:MJS) of Canada.The company is located in Yantai, Shandong province, China.
The newly built 6,000t/d gold ore dressing plant started construction in October 2010, was completed and put into operation in December 2011, and has been expanded twice since then with the current processing capacity of 14,000 t/d.
The project is an EPC project undertaken by Jinyuan with advanced design and reasonable technology, its equipment performance reaching the world's leading level and recovery rate of ore processing over 98%.
The system adopts three stage and single closed circuit crushing, and all of them chooses METSO crusher, including 1 set C1400 for coarse crushing, 1 set HP500 for medium crushing, and 2 sets HP500 for fine crushing.The advanced configuration of the crushing system greatly reduced the energy consumption of the grinding system and ensured the grinding granularity.
The grinding adopts a closed circuit grinding process, and the equipment chooses Jinyuan's patented product GMGj3600*4500 wet grid type ball mill, which has good grinding effect, easy installation and remarkable energy saving effect.
The flotation process is first roughing, twice cleaning and twice scavenging, and the JYF/BS-K24 pneumatic combined flotation unit of Jinyuan is adopted.
The concentrate dewatering adopts thickener and ceramic filter. Tailings are transported by pump to tailings pond for storage, which maximizes the use of tailings backwater and meets the environmental requirements.
4 million ton/year dressing plant of Tajik-China Mining Co., LTD.
Alden Topkan lead-zinc ore dressing plant of Tajik-China Mining Co., LTD. , located in the republic of Tajikistan, is an EPC project undertaken by Yantai Jinyuan Mining Machinery Co., LTD.
The first stage of the project, with a design capacity of 1 million tons/year, started construction in December 2007 and was successfully completed and put into operation in June 2009, with a construction period of 18 months. On June 26, 2009, the president Rakhmon of Tajikistan attended the inauguration ceremony of the project.
The second stage of the project of Tajik-China Mining Co., LTD., namely the construction project  of 2 million tons/year extended project, is also an EPC project undertaken by Yantai Jinyuan Mining Machinery Co., LTD., Construction began in April 2015, and was completed and put into operation in March 2016. The construction period of the second stage project was 11 months.
After the completion of the first and second stages of the project, the actual production capacity of the dressing plant of Tajik-China Mining Co., LTD. reached 2.5 million tons/year, making it the largest dressing plant in the republic of Tajikistan. Equipment and mineral processing technology has reached the world's leading level, and the economic indicators is advanced, has made a great contribution to the economic development of Tajikistan.
In April 2019, the third stage expansion project started, with the renovation of added high pressure roller mill crushing system, and the design of the high pressure roller mill system, the quality and efficiency of the old plant has been improved, and the consumption of energy has been reduced and the energy has been largely saved. Less input, more output provides a new design concept. The project has been put into operation in November, 2019 with a capacity of 4 million tons per year.
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